Wednesday, December 5, 2012


About halfway between here and Austin is a little town called Buda. Locals pronounce it Bue-duh, not Boo-da. If you were to glance at it from the highway, all you would see is a giant Cabella's for the sporting types, a big ol' HEB, Walmart, and your typical down home gourmet establishments such as Applebee's and Cracker Barrel. If you bother to get off the highway, however, you'll find something altogether different.

We used to go over there a lot, when we first bought this place. But then Kyle, which is about fifteen minutes closer to us, finally got its own bigger, better HEB, a Target, a pretty good Tex-Mex restaurant, and a Whataburger, and somehow, we just sort of forgot about it.

Until this weekend, that is. That's when John decided to take me on one of his "adventures", and we ended up at Buda Fest.

Dying to know what this old building, which now houses antiques, started out as.

Turns out they've got some pretty good Tex-Mex in Buda as well, not to mention a quaint little Italian place, and a Cakery! I wonder if they still have that darling tea room that I once took my sister to? If so, then I probably oughtta take my daughter and Miss Paula over there sometime soon, to make up for those years of neglect, don't you think?

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