Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Well, the dog days are here my friends. We'll be heading into a string of triple digit days by the end of the week. Here in Texas, we enjoy summer right up until the 4th of July weekend. After that, we all start dreaming of fall! Seeing some of the photos my friends have been posting on facebook lately got me to thinkin' -- about some of the coping mechanisms we employ to deal with extreme heat, drought, and too many cloudless days. Fortunately, they were generous enough to let me share them with you.

Friends Heather and Marc have taken to hosting most of their parties, not just near the water, but IN the water, right behind their house.  They had one heckuva Independence Day celebration there!

Friends Phil and Julie do their aerobics exercises in the Blanco river.

Outdoor Woman and her fellow volunteers have even been known to hold business meetings there!

Of course, we've been awfully lucky this year, with much cooler temps and more rain than usual up to this point. There have been times when the creeks and rivers have all dried up by mid-summer, and then what do you do? Well, my friend Eric, who is a teacher, said their plan for coping with Texas summers is usually to get the heck outta Texas!

See, I told you there were mountains in Texas!
Which is why they sent me this photo from Balmorhea, a spring fed swimming hole in far west Texas -- their last stop in Texas before heading off towards cooler parts.

The luckiest sons-of-guns have friends in cooler climes who invite them to house-sit during the summer. Our friends Sherri and Ken just got back from a three week gig in Hawaii, and Teri and her hubby managed to land a two-month gig in Colorado. Some people have all the luck!

Me? Well, I've given up my long mid-day treks at the hike & bike, that's for sure. Instead I run outside as soon as it's light enough to see what I'm doing, and speed walk around the hidden part of our driveway -- in my nighty!

What about the rest of you Texans? How do you cope with the dog days of summer?


Diane said...

Well, we know better than to visit our daughter in The Woodlands in the summer. In fact she and our grandson are here in PA right now. But of course we are having OUR three H's: Hazy, Hot and Humid. So weather can be a problem wherever you go.
And we do so enjoy our visits to TX in the late fall or winter.

Corrine at said...

Parties in the water sound good to me. We aren't as hot as you, but soggy doggy....I like that image of you speed walking in your nightie....Perfect. xox