Tuesday, July 8, 2014


I was staring at my little peach tree this weekend, wondering how on earth you know when to pick them. They have a lot of color on them now, but are still hard as rocks. Then a light bulb went off, and I remembered that two of my house-guests were from Georgia. "Hey! You guys know anything about peaches?" Well, ye-ah! They went out to examine it, and came back carrying several peaches each. They told me that their families always started picking them when they had a good bit of that rich red on them, but were still slightly hard, in order to outsmart all the critters who wanted them. They said the peaches would finish ripening indoors. They also reported that they had only seen one that had been chewed on so far.

A couple of days later I went out and picked a few more, and found four or five that had been chewed on.

This morning, when I went out to do my walking, the tree was swarming with birds. I shooed them off and went over to pick as many as I could, a third of which were already missing sizable chunks. So now, my kitchen looks like this.

Here's hoping they do, in fact, continue to ripen, 'cause right now? I'm just not smellin' it!

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