Friday, February 8, 2013


The Epic Condo Redo is finally complete, and Wednesday was moving day for my big sister. Of course, no remodeling job is ever without a certain amount of drama, and Poodie certainly had her share. At the top of the list was a painter who got paid and disappeared without coming back to do touchups as promised. Then, when fingerprints started showing up on all her white cabinets -- fingerprints which could not be wiped away -- an expert was called in who announced that there was nothing on her cabinets but primer! She then had to pay someone else to come in and complete the job, just two or three days prior to her scheduled move-in. And, of course, her china cabinet ended up being a half inch too tall to fit where she had planned for it to go, and though she thought she had pared down her furniture and belongings to the bare minimum, she still has way too much too fit into her petite abode. C'est la vie!

Eventually though, after she has had a chance to figure out what else she can live without, find places for all the rest, and "work her magic" on the place by doing her final tweaking, the drama-trauma will fade from memory and she will be able to bask in its loveliness. Her daughter says we're not allowed to have any more pictures until then. Poodie also claims to have misplaced the packet of screws necessary for reassembling the bed in the guest room, but I'm thinking maybe she just doesn't want any visitors until everything is perfect!

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