Tuesday, February 5, 2013


"The authentic self is the soul made visible." ~ Sarah Ban Breathnach

Over the years I've gone through the process of mining my authentic "style" several times. When I was younger I was much too easily influenced by the opinions of my parents and older sisters. It wasn't until I'd read Simple Abundance that I finally learned to listen to my "authentic self" and utilize what she had to say. It made a huge difference in how I dressed, how I decorated my home, and even in how I gardened!

One of my favorite tools for opening myself up to what my soul has to say is collage. When I was struggling with how to transform that pile of rubble that was our poor excuse for a front yard, I resorted to flipping through magazines, pulling out random images that called out my name, then using them to create the collage you see above. When I was done, I knew exactly where I needed to head with my plans -- towards a Mexican Hacienda Kitchen Courtyard Cantina Garden!

Now I am experiencing a similar struggle with my art journaling -- trying to find my own authentic voice and style. I'm thinking it may be time for another collage. What about you?

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