Tuesday, July 21, 2009


You know how they have support groups for the families of addicts and alcoholics? Well, there probably oughtta be something like that for the families of bloggers. I hate to admit it, but theirs is not an easy row to hoe. My kids are probably thankful that they had already left home before this addiction consumed our household. Alas, that left poor hubby to deal with it on his own.

Imagine what it must be like, for a hubby who is prone to leap before he looks. It was bad enough in the olden days, knowing that every time he got a wild hair, and things got out of hand, he was sure to look up and find wifey standing there, hands on hips, giving him "The Look"- the one he hates above all others. The one that screams "I told you so!" without her ever having to move her lips. But I guess that wasn't enough of a cross to bear, so God led the wifey to blogging. Now each time hubby screws up, he looks up to find that her hands are no longer clenched on her hips, they are clutching a camera, and her face is no longer scowling, it is lit up with glee, which is worse. So much worse. Why? Because it means that Dear Hubby is about to star in yet another blog posting.

And so, Dear Hubby has suffered in silence for nigh on two years now, thinking he alone was burdened thusly. It wasn't until I came across this post on Farm Natters yesterday, and was silly enough to forward it to him, that he realized he was not alone. He had brothers in misery, who were suffering just as he was! He knew exactly what that guy meant when he said his wife "tricked him" into screwing up, for hadn't I often pulled the same trick on him? Wasn't it obvious that we wives were to blame, if we were silly enough to give our hubbies a choice between a dull, boring common sense solution, and one that allows them to hot-dog it?

Uh-oh. Here's a scary thought. I just remembered that DA at Farm Natters lives right here in Wimberley. What if our two hubbies were to stumble across one another some day, and get to talking? Maybe compare notes? What if they were to organize against us? Oh no! What have I done?

P.S. Many thanks to freepages.geneology.rootsweb.ancestry.com for the above image.


d.a. said...

Hee! Forwarding to Spouse, but not telling him that your hubby may be reachable through Bountiful Sprout ;-)

Hill Country Hippie said...

Mums the word!

Spouse said...

The real problem is that the glory from one successful hot dogging scheme always obliterates the dozens of failures that precede or follow. We succeeded once - we can do it again, eventually, supreme being willing, if the stars are aligned just so. That reminds me I need to buy a lottery ticket.

Snow Vandemore said...

Hilarious. Although I haven't taken pictures of my spouse in action, I have documented the aftermath of some of his adventures on my blog -- usually to his delight.

As far as his actually contributing a post -- it won't ever happen. He thinks computers are evil. Thank goodness. :) Funny post. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

musingegret said...

Hey, thanks for introducing me to another great blog! Years from now John will be as well-known and well-loved as Erma Bombeck's dear spouse----foibles and all!

Hill Country Hippie said...

Or maybe he'll be like Phyllis Diller's husband Fang! (though you are probably too young to even know who Phyllis was)

Speaking of great new blogs, have you checked out Snow's blog, Il Vigilante? She posts about all of my very favorite topics!

lexlane said...

Poor man just can't catch a break.