Monday, July 2, 2018


Have you heard about Fareground, Austin's first food hall? It's been open a while now, so Hubby and I decided we were overdue for a visit. After parking in the convenient garage just across the street, we headed over to the Wells Fargo building at the corner of Caesar Chavez and Congress...

then headed around back to this beautiful garden area, and entered the ground floor food court from there.

The list of vendors is pretty impressive, not for length, but for quality!

This food court is definitely a step, or ten, above the food courts we are used to seeing in our shopping malls, and more on par with the amazing food halls you might stumble upon in France or Singapore.

They make a darn good chocolate croissant, as well!

Hubby tried the muffalatta sandwich from Easy Tiger, and I tried a breakfast taco and the wild boar taco al pastor from Dai Due. Dai Due started out as a farm-to-table supper club some time back, before evolving into a brick and mortar butcher shop/ supper club, and then adding this taqueria to the mix. Yum! Our only regret is that we didn't go with a larger group, so that we could have sampled more things, such as the grilled cheese sandwiches from Antonelli's cheese shop, or one of the ramen bowls we saw so many people eating.

There is both indoor and outdoor seating, and the latter comes with the added bonus of lots of shade, and a hill for rolling down, to keep the kiddos entertained.

Well, maybe there was one more not-so-little regret. That convenient parking garage I mentioned earlier? Turns out they charge seven bucks for every 30 minutes. We made the mistake of strolling around the block after lunch, and ended up being there just slightly over one hour, costing us 21 smackaroos to get outta that place. Grrrrr. I guess this is what happens when country mice go to the city, huh? On the plus side, although I would imagine that Fareground is jam-packed with downtown workers on weekdays, on Sundays there are no crowds at all!

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