Friday, May 27, 2016


Remember the "Epic Misadventure" I mentioned earlier this week? I couldn't really post about it because it involved our grand dog Guinness, whose parents were off in Hawaii on their honeymoon, and we did not want to spoil their remaining time there.

Hubby took her out for a walk a few days ago, and they ended up getting attacked by a couple of dogs who were running around off leash. They went straight for Guinness' neck, but John was able to kick them away before they drew blood.  He came home rather drippy himself, but that was from taking a nose dive on the pavement, not from any bites. I'm just grateful he didn't bonk his head in the process, or we could have ended up with a repeat of The Great Mima's Debacle!(which was first thought to be from a bump, then maybe an aneurysm, but ultimately attributed to the head bump after all)

We thought Guinness was fine, since there was no blood on her, but the next morning she yelped and jumped back when I reached down to scratch behind her ear. Fortunately, she once boarded at the local vet while her daddy was staying with us, so they had her on their client list and were able to get her right in. When they dug down through her furry ruff they found a couple of shallow nicks, which they are treating with antibiotics. She should be fine in a jiff. Physically, anyhow.

Not sure she will ever let us take her on a walk again, in that particular area, but hey, at least her parents reassured us that we are still her favorite babysitters!


Corrine at said...

Poor baby and hubby. Not so nice an encounter, ugh. xox

Hill Country Hippie said...

Yeah, and it's especially tough when culprits belong to a neighbor you really like!