Thursday, April 14, 2016


Woo Hoo! I finally got my first "Love Note" from my pen pal in Washington state.

In response to our first week's prompt, asking what kind of world we wished to live in, she wrote this:

This weeks prompt was "Today is the day...", and I just about have her next postcard ready to drop in the mail. Actually, she's getting four of them this time, but all in one envelope.

Whenever I have a problem to solve, the best thing I can do is go for a walk. Which is what I did as soon as I got the email containing this week's prompt. By the time I came back, I knew exactly how to finish that sentence, and what I wanted to put on the other side of my postcards!

Remember when I first moved up here and started making all those crazy to-do lists? The ones I decided to illustrate, even though I could barely draw stick figures at the time? Well, I finally found a use for them!

I had Hubby print a few of them up on some postcard-size matte photo paper, et Voila! 

There was just one problem with my brilliant idea. Though this matte photo paper may look and feel just like watercolor paper, it most definitely is not watercolor paper -- as you will surely discover as soon as you do all your lettering in pencil, and try to erase your mistakes. What an icky, gooey mess! Might I suggest a base layer of gesso?


musingegret said...

Lovely, lovely postcards Becky; you are an inspiration to us all. I sure enjoyed your pen pal's sent me off on an artistic jaunt!

Jennifer said...

Oh how I love seeing your creations! So lovely and fun. Your partner is in for such a treat. I love that you go for a walk when you are trying to figure something out ... I do the exact same thing.

Happy Postcard Sending!!

Hill Country Hippie said...

Thank you ladies! You just made my day with all your kind comments. I'm over the moon that you even stopped by my blog Jennifer, considering the number of people involved in your wonderful Love Notes project!