Saturday, March 8, 2014


Yesterday I had to make a run over to Hasting's in San Marcos -- the nearest place that carries a good selection of artsy-craftsy magazines. Since I had skipped my morning workout at Curves in order to do so, I decided to do a little splorin', to see if I could find someplace new and interesting to go walking. I hit the jackpot!

I parked behind the Parks & Recreation building at 401 E. Hopkins and made my way down towards the river, to see if there was any kind of path at all that ran along side it. Not a path, no. A River Walk! How did I not know this? There's also a whole lot of habitat conservation going on. I think these two fellows were out there trying to remove some of those invasive species that keep trying to crowd out the natives and clog up the works.

You pass under several streets along the way, and there are some lovely spots to stop and enjoy the view or have a picnic. There are also a couple of playgrounds -- a big wooden castle fortress at one end, and a smaller playground at the other end, by the rec center.

At one point there was a staircase leading up, and I was curious to see where it led.

Turns out, it leads you out into Veramendi Park, where a couple of the oldest homes in San Marcos are located.

Here's a humorous tidbit for you. One of the earliest families to settle here was the Cock family, and there's a plaque under a big ol' pecan tree here, listing the names of every generation of that family. The funny part is that round about 1927, their last name morphed from Cock to Cox. Hmmmm. Wonder why?

Anyhoo, back down at the river walk, there are several bridges that allow you to wander from one side of the river to the other. Loved the view from this bridge, of some fabulous grass-like plants that grow horizontally and dance in unison, following the movement of the water.

Eventually, I came back to where I started.

Now, I ask you, is there anything more fun than discovering something new and exciting about the area where you live, just when you were starting to think you had seen it all?

Friday, March 7, 2014


Just so you know, that's only a BB gun, and hubby has never actually shot anything with it...though he might one day, if that armadillo doesn't quit tearing up his garden. Of course, he'd have to catch him first.
I've been thinkin' a lot about clutter lately, and about how old people's houses always seem to get overwhelmed by it. Seriously. Don't you remember from your house-hunting trips, how you could always tell that old people lived there as soon as you walked through the door, if not before? How the yards had gone to pot, the furnishings were stuck in a time-warp from some past era, and there were stacks of clutter everywhere?

Well, I'm afraid we just might be headed down that path, if I don't do something about it soon!

Keeping our home fresh and clutter free used to be one of my top priorities. There was nothing I liked better than performing a good purge! But, as you know, we've had other issues on our minds the last couple of years and, well, I guess I sort of let things slide.

It's always hard to part with stuff (for some more than others), especially if there are memories attached. I have an idea, however, for a transitional system of slowly letting go of certain things, by gradually moving them out of sight, and thus, out of mind.

The first step in my plan is to clear off these shelves in the laundry room, which is outside, next to the garage.

Then I will move some of our excess geegaws out there. Less clutter in the house, more cheerful laundry room, right? At the end of the year, anything that I haven't used or missed will get boxed up and sent to the attic, and more excess geegaws will be brought out here. After a year in the attic, any box that hasn't been broken into will get donated.

Not sure how it will work, but it's worth a try, 'cause I'm sure not ready to be living in an old folk's home!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


If you have ever heard of the infamous SXSW (South By Southwest) festival, hosted in Austin, TX each spring, you've probably heard about the music or film segments. But, did you know there is also a huge "Interactive" component, focused on innovation, inspiration, creativity, and all things geeky? Neither did we, until a few years back when the publishing company my niece worked for sent her down from Ohio to attend. Ever since the day we picked her up at her hotel -- right as the interactive segment was winding down and the music segment was cranking up, and the streets of downtown Austin were swarming with attendees and participants from both -- my hubby has been yearning to be one of them. The only thing holding him back was the exorbitant cost of the bracelets that can get you into all of the events. This year he decided that, if nothing else, he could at least go hang out on the streets of Austin while the festival was going on, snapping pictures of anything interesting he came across.

Well, a couple of nights ago he got a call from our daughter, telling him they had a spare bracelet, if he was interested. IF?!!!!! When he came upstairs to tell me the news, he was about as giddy as I've ever seen him (meaning, he walked into the room with a grin on his face). Ever since, he's been poring over the schedule, trying to narrow down the plethora of choices in any given time slot. He even went out and bought a messenger bag to carry his computer in while there.

I told him that, if he wanted to fit in with the Austin crowd, he'd have to go buy some skinny hipster jeans. "You can't wear a messenger bag with baggy boot cut jeans!" I said. "Hide and watch" he replied.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


All day Saturday I had to fight the urge to turn on our AC. It was that warm. I finally compromised by pulling the crates from beneath my bed and digging out some sandals and a short-sleeved top. You know what that means don't you? It means that by Monday morning, we had this.

Such is life in Texas, where the phrase "nipped in the bud" must surely have originated!

Monday, March 3, 2014


The most recent production at our own little Wimberley Community Theatre was a play called Charley's Aunt. It was written in the late 1800's and was later made into a film starring Jack Benny. It's one of those farces where someone is coerced into impersonating someone else, and lie piles upon lie until the whole house of cards comes tumbling down. In the end, of course, everyone lives happily ever after. This happens to be the very same play my high school put on back when I was involved in the theatre department.

I was charged with the responsibility of making a black Victorian costume with leg-o-mutton sleeves - the kind of dress an aged chaperone might wear...

but which would actually be worn by this cute young fellow, over a full set of clothes, and must be capable of being torn off quickly. I don't remember much about the play, but I certainly remember the day he dropped by my house so that this extremely introverted young girl could take his measurements!

Anyhoo, I wasn't really planning to go see the Wimberley production, as I didn't want anything to infringe upon my memories of The Perfect Play. But then I saw this in the local newspaper.

Apparently director Tracy Arnold decided to position the play in the early 1920's, rather than in 1892. And, since I have a "speakeasy" themed wedding to attend this fall, and will be needing a 20's era costume myself, I decided perhaps we should go soak up some inspiration.

Many of the costumes were obviously replicas, whipped up by the theatre's own seamstresses. There were a couple, however, such as this one "discovered on the very last hanger" of the theatre's own costume closet, that smacked of authenticity!

Hmmmm, wonder if they ever "rent out" any of the costumes in their collection?

Sunday, March 2, 2014


This morning when I stepped out the door, the first aroma that hit me was...HONEY! Which means...Yep, the agarita is in bloom -- another Texas native which our property came with a plentiful supply of! I just googled it, to get a bit of information for you, and stumbled upon a great website, Foraging Texas. Check it out!

Hmmmm. Wonder who slipped those pruning shears into the picture when I was trying to focus on the blooms?

There, that's better!

Watch out for those dagger-sharp leaves!

Countdown to Bee Bedlam in 5...4...3...2...