Friday, November 28, 2014


I'm always so sad to see autumn end. I just love everything about it, from those unexpected jolts of color madness...

to my walks along the Blue Hole's nature trails...

and preparing a cozy meal, passed down from my father-in-law, for those I love.

This afternoon we head out for one last fall ritual - one that the kids have kept up, but which the hubby and I haven't taken part in for quite some time -- a trip to the Texas Renaissance Festival, where they will be hosting their annual Celtic Christmas Celebration. Now that I think about it, I guess that's what gets me over this hump of sadness each year -- knowing that as soon as I get back from Ren Fest, I will finally have permission to dive head first into Christmas! Which isn't to say that I haven't already set out an ornament or two, burned my favorite candle, and tuned into the Hallmark channel more than a few times -- I'm just saying I don't have to sneak around anymore!

Guess it's time to get some "wintery" photos up on that blog banner, huh?

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Corrine at said...

Autumn is my fave too. But winter has arrived quite early with 6 or so inches of snow. time for a twinkle light or two, if I can find the boxes with our Christmas lights. Since the outside is not yet sided, it may be an inside festivity this year only. Happy decorating(and anpther sappy Hallmark move or two - me too!) xox