Tuesday, February 11, 2014


I don't know if you remember, but just about a year ago the Ace Hardware store that was at the heart of our little town (both literally and figuratively) burned to the ground. It was months before we finally got out of the habit of thinking "better run to Ace for such-and-such" on an almost daily basis. But, guess what? Now it's time to get back into the habit!

The store actually re-opened on Friday, but we waited a couple of days before heading over there, to let the crowds die down a bit.

Perhaps we should have waited just a tad longer.

In addition to the usual paint and hardware stuff, I was happy to see that they still have plenty of gifty-girly things for me to browse through, while Hubby does his thing...

what appears to be an even larger assortment of canning and jerky-making supplies...

and a great children's department with plenty of art supplies, crafts and science kits - just what you need to entertain those visiting grandkids!

Wouldn't you know, they even had bulletin boards -- and for about half of what I paid for the one I got at Staples the other day!

And, of course, it's still the go-to place for anyone wanting to spend a lazy day on the river.

I especially love their great assortment of my favorite scrunchy straw cowgirl hats!

On top of all that, there are the greeting cards, the gift wrap, the paper goods, and all of the seasonal decor. Which means that -- unlike Best Buy and those other stores where there's not a single dang thing I'm interested in looking at -- I never, ever mind it when Hubby says "I'd better swing by Ace while we're in town."

What else can I say, other than "WELCOME BACK ACE!" We really, really missed you!

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