Friday, May 3, 2013


My fourth class taken as part of the whole 21 Secrets experience was led by Aussie artist Tracy Verdugo, and it was more about self exploration than about creating a wall-worthy painting.  If you had x-ray vision and could see down through all the layers, you might find: an entire page filled with loosely painted words that describe me; a layer of collaged bits and pieces that resonate with me for one reason or another; a color palette made up of three favorite colors (plus black and white) in their myriad combinations, which have been stamped onto the page using my one-of-a-kind thumbprint; and an image of someone I admire or feel a connection to (Meryl Streep, in Mama Mia).

Living in Color
My Story
It's a wonderful loosening-up exercise, to get those creative juices flowing!

I Belong Here


Rhonda H said...

Beautiful page! This is one of the 21 Secrets classes I am going to do next... love how your page turned out!

Hill Country Hippie said...

Thank you Rhonda -- and many thanks to Tracy, for creating such a fun project for us.