Friday, May 10, 2013


The good news is that my Art Day With Friends yesterday was a resounding success, and we hope to be doing it again before too long. I will share pictures with you sometime this weekend. The bad news came when I arrived home, floating in a state of euphoria, only to have my bubble popped by my hubby's sad expression, and the headlines in the Wimberley View.

Remember my mentioning that there was one last lifestyle Hubby and I would like to try out someday? One where we lived in community -- right in the heart of Wimberley, in a relatively maintenance-free abode, and where we could walk most everywhere we needed to go? That idea has been percolating ever since I first read about the co-housing communities in Denmark, years and years ago. However, it didn't become a real possibility until we heard about the 55+ housing development that had managed to win the approval, not only of the City Council, but also of C.A.R.D. (Citizens Alliance for Responsible Development), and was scheduled to begin construction next year, right behind King Feed and Brookshire Bros. It sounded like the perfect place for us to settle, once this four-acre property, along with its aging well, septic, heating/a.c., and water catchment systems,  just got to be too much for us to deal with.

So, imagine my surprise when I opened yesterday's paper to see this:

Yes, that would be the same "Representative" Isaac whose fast-tracking of a bill to allow one particular billionaire to apply for a M.U.D., which would enable him to transform his Needmore Ranch into a development with thousands of homes and no restrictions as to well-spacing, should he ever choose to do so, already caused an uproar in the community, and an emergency Town Hall meeting filled with an angry mob.  His reason for squashing the project? "I do not like the developer."

Sooooo. When exactly did the word "representative" stop meaning "a typical example of a group", and "one that represents others as a body"?


Deborah Bowers said...

We could start a new chant:
Impeach Isaac
Impeach Isaac
Impeach Isaac

Hill Country Hippie said...

Ha! I was chatting with Julie and Phil about him this morning, and the subject of impeachment came up there as well!