Saturday, May 11, 2013


Angel Wings by Donna Tarver
Had a fabulous time getting my hands dirty with friends this week. Several women went together to rent the wonderful facility at Wimberley Quilt Camp for the day, so that we could putter to our hearts content without distraction, and so that we could learn from and be inspired by one another. Basically it's an entire house out in the country, where women go to quilt for a week or a weekend. The owner was a bit hesitant about letting a bunch of messy painters, carvers and collagers loose on her lovely wood floors and quilting tables, so we took extra pains to cover everything in plastic drop cloth.

Communal Art Supplies for Sharing
High School Debbie, Working on Some SheArt

Taking a Break for Good Food and Chocolate
Dirt Cake Adorned with Knitting Needle Flowers

Debbie's Daughters and Grand Daughter Dropped In for a Bit
Can't wait to do it again! I'll show you what I was working on later.

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