Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Well, we're off to visit hubby's old cardiologist (the plumber) in Drippin' this morning, then heading over to Austin for an afternoon meet-up with his new cardiologist (the electrician), with, hopefully, time for lunch with Sonny Boy in between. (If you recall, we were on our way to have lunch with him when we had to take that last little detour to the ER.)

Keep your fingers crossed that John gets the go ahead to begin driving again -- for his sake, not mine. I don't mind being his chauffer one bit. I look on it as an opportunity for lots of quality time together, but Hubby has always been a fellow who hates feeling "fettered." Plus, I have a strong suspicion that he is none too fond of the bodice-ripping audio book that has been playing in my car the last couple of weeks. Normally I would just fast-forward through the stupid parts. However, my hubby's histrionics -- each time the characters get to pulsing and throbbing, and pirates start spouting things like "Sing to me, my sweet Siren!" -- well, they're just too priceless to pass up!


The Old Man said...

Come on admit it. You really enjoy tormenting me.


The Old Man said...

Come on, admit it. You really enjoy tormenting me.

Hill Country Hippie said...

Only if you admit that you are actually getting into the audio story a little bit.