Saturday, August 25, 2012


This week I spent a bit of time in my wee little studio playing with "abstracted flowers", based on this tutorial by  Carla Sonheim.

Most of my time, however, was spent wandering around out in the heat, picking up more bits and pieces of this and that, for the Ode to Nature class I am taking. While last week's assignment was to start assembling collections from these bits and pieces and to take photographs of them, this week we did something different. We started a new kind of journal, and learned to take field notes!

The sketches we do in these journals aren't meant to be finished pieces of art, anymore than my stream-of-consciousness morning pages are meant to be publishable stories. Like those morning pages, however, they will be a great source to come back to -- for "mining" ideas and inspiration when I am ready to get down to business.

Just what I need, right? A whole 'nuther trunk-load of journals to store!


Deborah said...

Wonderfully creative and practical if you ask me. Love the process!

Linda said...

I love your sketches, and your title page is really cool!

Hill Country Hippie said...

Thanks Linda! I used the title page as a way to complete a lesson for Joanne Sharpe's Letter Love class, which I am (foolishly) taking simultaneously with Ode to Nature. I went a bit overboard when I first discovered online art classes just a few months ago. From now on it's one at a time!