Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Not long after we bought our house, I wandered into the Village Library looking for books related to Wimberley's history. I found a lovely little tome called Wimberley: A Way of Life, by Linda Allen. Turns out Ms. Allen is a woman of many talents, for not only does she write books and poetry, she has also been one of the premier caterers in these parts for quite some time.

A year or two ago, I guess she decided to branch out, and needed more space. I noticed that a cute little stone house just past the library was being renovated, and a sign went up that read Linda Allen Catering, and Fine Foods To Go. Well what do you know? We've got our own little Eatzi's, right here in Wimberley!

I kept meaning to go in and pick up a few things, but somehow never got around to it. Then I noticed something in the paper, saying that they had added some dining areas for those who preferred to pick out their items from the case, and consume them there on the premises. Still, I didn't stop in. Then I started noticing the cars. Lots and lots of cars. Finally my curiosity got the best of me, and John and I decided to have dinner there. We've been kicking ourselves ever since, for all the time we wasted!

My picture really doesn't do the food justice, I'm afraid, but the salmon patty special that evening was outstanding, and included dessert and a beverage for less than ten bucks each. Next time I went back, I got a veggie plate, because there were so many amazing sides and salads that I was itching to try. By the way, quinoa salad with apricots, edamame, pistachios and dried cranberries? To die for!


musingegret said...

Oh, thank you, thank you for the link to Linda's site; loved reading the menus and her index of food articles! I'm gonna have to create a Wimberley folder in Favorites and go thru all your posts to find all the links to all the wonderful businesses/sights/events there! Whew....project #8759. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the dining in option was wonderful. We picked up food to go when we were in town a couple years ago. It was wonderful, but we haven't had a chance to get back. We'll be there for four days in early October, perhaps we'll have to make a point of dinner. Have you had a chance to try the brewpub at the Junction? Or the tamales on the way there? The tamales were out of this world.

Hill Country Hippie said...

me - Don't know if it will help, but there's a new search widget up in the right hand corner of my blog now.

Sherri - Yes, we went to the brewpub when it first opened. Kinda fun, but I don't recommend the home-brewed ginger-ale. It's more like a thick, cloudy ginger juice - nothing like Canada Dry! They're gonna have some competition when Ike's (formerly Clifford's) opens up as a wine bar/brewpub. And yes, those Gourmet tamales are amazing, aren't they?

d.a. said...

Linda's the one who has been giving us leftover greens for the geese. Such a cool lady! And I agree, the food is fantastic. We'll be back more often, for sure.