Monday, August 3, 2009


For those of you who followed the saga of our water-catchment system installation all those months ago, I am sad to report that we have not yet been able to switch our pump over from well to tank, to begin supplying our whole house with cloud juice. I'm not sure what the magic requirement is, but the guys from Tank Town say we still don't have enough water in our tank to make the switch. Every time we get the least bit of rain, I immediately run out to the tank, and knock on its side to see how far up the water reaches. Next, I run back into the house, call John and report, "It's ankle-high." Then calf-high. Almost to my knees. Approaching mid-thigh. Finally he said "Tell you what. You let me know when you've got water up to your woo-woo. Then I'll start getting excited!"


Joanna Jenkins said...

Very funny!!! I hope you get lots of rain soon.

musingegret said...

Hilarious! Love the double entendre. BTW, is there not a gauge or some measuring instrument on the tank? Does the tone really change if you knock above the water line? Then start up a reggae steel-drum band!! LOL

Hill Country Hippie said...

Yes, there is a clear plastic tube along the side of the tank, and if you open its valve to the tank, water will run up it to show you the level in the tank. However, John doesn't like to leave it open with water sitting in the tube, so I usually just knock. You get a dull thud in the part with water in it, and a hollow echo in the empty part.