Thursday, June 11, 2009


I am a person who doesn't shop, doesn't read ads in the Sunday paper, and is totally unaffected by commercials on TV. I want to get rid of stuff, not cram any more into this already crowded space. The only inanimate objects to inspire lust in me during the last decade or two have been totally utilitarian in nature - such as compost bins and water catchment systems. Until now.

Around this time last year, the Muses and I went on an art studio tour over in Drippin', and one of the stops was at Solstice: Garden Expressions. That's where I was overcome by desire. The objects of my affection are Mark White's Dream Catcher series of kinetic wind sculptures. They are designed to encourage, facilitate and enhance meditation, but you know me - it's the colors that quiver my liver.

I had been meaning to take John by Solstice for over a year now, and today we finally made it. We also had lunch at a cafe called Rolling in Thyme & Dough, which reminded me of a couple of my favorite hippie restaurants from back in the 70's - The Hobbit Hole in Houston, and Mother's Cafe in Austin. T&D has the added bonus of being surrounded by a lovely plant nursery called Bloom. What a perfect outing we had!


Anonymous said...

Ken and I feel loved Rolling in Thyme and Dough when we were stopped there for lunch on our way to Wimberley. Glad you and John are back. Did you get one of the dreamcatchers?

Hill Country Hippie said...

No, no dreamcatcher. These things are huge, and expensive! I told John if he ever sells his company for millions (HA!) he can buy one, but not before then. For now our money will go to finishing up the catchment system, then we will start on hospital bills!

musingegret said...

Omigosh it's a wind sculpture! The first thought in my head when I pulled up your site was "Oh look, John and Becky have bought a gorgeous windmill to pump water to fill their new tank!" (guffaw) Boy, I didn't think that one through. BTW, did y'all get any rain last night? So glad John's feeling up to getting out and about; have a great wkend!

Hill Country Hippie said...

I always wanted a windmill! Yes, we did get a bit of rain, and now (Friday night) we are getting some thunder and lightning again, so maybe we will get a repeat!