Saturday, June 13, 2009


Hear that constant roar of thunder? No, we're not getting more rain. That's the Republic of Texas Biker Rally that's going on over in Austin this weekend, better known as R.O.T. Good luck getting a table on the Inoz terrace this weekend!

On any given weekend, with halfway decent weather, you will see a steady stream of bikers rolling through town here. They love making the ride over Devil's Backbone, where the road drops away on either side of you, and the entire Wimberley valley is spread out around you. This, however, is a horse (or hog) of a different color. It's not a steady stream of bikers, it's a roaring flood. I even saw one biker go by, with his dog sitting up next to him in a sidecar, wearing goggles!

Think maybe I should get a matching set of those doo-rags for me and John? Not sure what we would use them for, other than gardening or taking our walks, but at least we'd be the coolest darn gardeners ever!

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lexlane said...

I say go for it!