Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Well, I screwed up. I missed a golden opportunity and let you guys down. Before I left for Houston, I had finally got into the habit of carrying my camera with me just about everywhere, since one never knows when one might happen upon something bloggable. But now I have become lax again, and I could kick myself for it!

John and I went for a walk last night after supper. There had been a lot of construction equipment parked in the field next to the little church house lately, and we were curious about what was going on. You know which house I am talking about, don't you? It's the one that actually was a little white country church originally. Our neighbor Terri had it hauled here from somewhere else, and completely renovated it. It's the one we look down upon from our perch up here.

Anyway, just as we were walking by, a man came out of the house carrying his trash bags. He called out when he saw us, and came over to introduce himself. Turns out he's Terri's new husband Randy, whom she met when he was helping her with the renovations. After completing the church, they built another precious little house right behind it, which matched its architecture perfectly. Now they have purchased the property next door, which held an old ranch-style that was doomed for tear-down. They are actually living in it now, as they completely transform it, and renting the first two out to guests! They've also launched a business together - Chapel Builders Group: Commercial/Residential Building & Restoration.

When John mentioned to Randy that we hoped to convert our garage into a bunkhouse for the grandkids some day, he insisted on taking us inside while he got one of his business cards for us, and gave us the grand tour. So, like I said, I've let you down. If only I'd had my camera at the ready, I'd be showing you photos right now of the absolutely gorgeous interior. The renovation is perfect - just what I would have hoped for. They used salvaged materials wherever they could (the TV now sits on the original pulpit), making it elegant yet casual, a true "sanctuary" in every sense of the word.

Hmm... Wonder if there is a rental website somewhere, with pictures? Eureka! Check out this and this.


Linda said...

Very interesting. Next time I'm in Texas I need to make a trip to Wimberly, I've never been there.

Hill Country Hippie said...

Most definitely! It's the antithesis of how most of the world views Texas.