Monday, April 13, 2009


Funny thing. Remember me writing not long ago about wanting to become the kind of housekeeper who doesn't have to get in a bundle about unexpected guests? I don't mean I want to turn into Martha Stewart, and have it looking picture perfect 24/7. I just want to get into a comfortable routine, where certain things get done on an almost daily basis, so you never have to start completely from scratch. I don't care if the house looks lived in, I just don't want it to look dirty, know what I mean?

Anywho, I'm getting better about it, but it's still more of a goal than a reality. So, here comes the funny part. I was sitting at my computer the other day, typing away, when suddenly I realized that someone was knocking on the door. Now, that's something you don't hear very often when you live out in the country. Our long, steep driveway tends to weed out all but the most determined. Anyway, I hear this knocking so I go to check, and what do I find? John's cousin and her family, whom we haven't seen in years. They just happened to be in the area for spring break!

It was great seeing her again, and we all had a lovely visit, but I have to say, Holy-Moly, thank goodness we'd just had a dinner party a couple of days earlier! Had I known she was coming, the house would have looked a lot better, but if they had surprised me the previous week, it could have been a whole lot worse! I shudder to think. Good news though, my motivation for developing my cleaning routine is much, much stronger now.

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