Friday, March 16, 2018


This kid! The one who, just moments ago, was taking his first steps and had us wondering if he'd ever start talking, seems to have morphed into a full-blown toddler in the blink of an eye.

When he finally started talking, he really started talking, and now says thinks like "Hey you!", "Whoa Dude!", "Oh no!", "Where'd it go?", "More-pweese-tanku", and his siren sound, "Mee-nah, Mee-nah". The first thing he always says when he sees me is "Shoes-Outside-Walk?"  Hubby's personal favorite, of course, was when Lex called to to report that Calvin had just demanded to see "Papa NOW!"

Your wish is our command, Little Man.

Thursday, March 15, 2018


I wish to announce that spring has officially sprung, here in central Texas.

Mexican Buckeye Blooms, About To Unfurl
Agarita Shrubs So Thick With Blooms, The Honey Fragrance is Swoon-Inducing
Loropetalum/Fringe Flower
The First Asparagus Sprigs
The Grape Kool-Aid Shrub (Texas Mountain Laurel) With More Blooms Than Ever Before
Looking Like A Bumper Year For Peaches
But, to all of you who have just had yet another foot of snow dumped upon you, trust me. You will have your revenge come August, when all of these plants will have already bit the dust from too much sun and not enough water. Gotta make the most of it while we can!

Monday, March 12, 2018


Something right outta my childhood, only now it's being used as yard art!

Anybody know what carnival ride they are from? I'm guessing something along the lines of Tilt-a-Whirl, guaranteed to make me barf.

Friday, March 9, 2018


I stopped by the library a few days ago to stock up on reads for the week, and this is what I came home with.

It wasn't until I was home, trying to decide which one to start with, that I realized I had picked up three books, totally by chance, about strong, intelligent females, trying to forge their own path in a man's world. Or was it by chance? Perhaps our librarian had set them all out with grave intention, where they'd be most likely to be picked up and perused.

I started with the one about Albert Einstein's first wife, and could not put it down. But, I must warn you,  if you do choose to read this, you will never be able to think of Mr. Einstein in quite the same way again! Now I'm halfway through Alice Hoffman's The Marriage of Opposites, and loving it too. Looking forward to The Whip, based on the true life story of Charlotte "Charley" Parkhurst, who spent most of her life passing herself off as a man in the old west.

What about you? If you've read any great strong-girl-books, please let us know!


Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Monday, March 5, 2018


Aunt Gus Gus was here this week, for the first time since last fall, and she came "bear-ing" gifts!

A belated Christmas Present for Calvin

 Then we went straight from that to an early birthday celebration!

Water Play at The Thinkery

Calvin thinks Aunties are pretty cool!

Wednesday, February 28, 2018


John Boy and Toad do The Gator at our toga party in Houston.
Just got back from visiting our BFFs in College Station. It had been so long since we'd seen them in person (though we text back and forth pretty much all day every day -- especially when we're both cooking our Blue Apron dinners and comparing notes), I did what I always do when I'm having way too much fun -- I forgot to take a single photo!

At Our House In Bahrain
One of the best/worst events of the visit occurred when they took us back to a place we had visited some time ago, Café Eccell Kitchen+Spirits. They are noted for their wood-fired pizzas, but also serve various Tex-Mex and Mediterranean specialties, as well as an infamous strawberry tart. They have a lovely, spacious bar that has added hand-made, chef-driven cocktails to their beer and wine assortment and, just recently, they added a drive-thru whose specialty tacos were rumored to be Eccellent! (It's true! Mine was like a Cuban Sandwich in a tortilla. Yum!)

Two Miracle Babies, Born Within A Couple of Months of Each Other
A Mutual Love of the Texas Hill Country
Unfortunately, those tacos aren't available inside the restaurant. However, my buddy Paula, who is the queen of investigation, heard a rumor that you could drive through to get your tacos, then park and take your bag of tacos inside, where you can sit at a bar table and order drinks and queso to go with them. So that's what we did, because that's how we roll whenever we're with these crazy buddies of ours! Being brave enough to walk in the door clutching our bag of tacos was actually the best part of the evening, though, not the worst. For that we have to back up to when we were trying to place our order at the drive-thru.

Never having been there before, we had no idea what we wanted to order, so all four of these half-blind geezers were struggling to lean out the window at once, trying to read what was in every single taco, then make up our minds about who wanted what. It took a while, as you can imagine. But that was okay, because we were the only ones in line. Or so we thought, until we suddenly heard and smelled burning rubber, just before a car went screeching past and a young man yelled out his window "For F's sake, make up your effing mind!" Then he raced over to a parking lot exit where he got stuck trying to make a lefthand turn. He was still there, waiting to turn, when we got our food. Not the sharpest tool in the shed, that boy, since just one aisle over was an exit with a traffic light and a left-turn signal.

Actually, the more I think about it, maybe that was the best part of the weekend after all! Although, it was a close tie with handing over all the baseball loot and photographs Hubby got in Cuba, for their son Coach Sanford to auction off next fall to raise money for his team. I have a feeling he will be bidding on at least one of the photos himself!

A female cigar factory worker, with cap, cleats, and glove, ready to head to the sandlot the minute she gets off work.
The sandlot that was directly in front of our B&B, where there was almost always a game going on.