Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Tuesday, September 24, 2019


On Friday -- our daughter's actual "due date" -- we took a risk and purchased tickets to see an afternoon showing of the new Downton Abbey movie. Once we made it through that, I told her she was free to go into labor at any time. She took me at my word, for that very night we got a call around 2 AM saying "You might want to head back to Austin now to pick up little Goobs."

"So many Super Calvins, Mimi!"
We took him back home with us and snuggled into bed, but woke up early, anxious for some news. We waited, and waited, and finally got a text about five hours later saying "Well, we seem to have stalled out." We were making plans to take Calvin home the next morning when we got another message, saying "OK, things seem to be starting up again, but I wouldn't get too excited just yet." Finally, around 11 PM they decide to head for the birthing center and call the doula.

But, once little sister made up her mind that she was ready to break outta dat joint, her mama says it was like a freight train coming through. When the midwife said "Here she comes!", Lex thought she meant she was finally crowning, but the midwife said "No! I mean she's halfway OUT!"

And so, more than 24 hours after those first contractions, our chubby-cheeked granddaughter, Rowan Rebecca Sanders -- weighing in at just under 8 lbs. -- finally made her entrance. Sadly, I have no pics to share just yet.

Meanwhile, the worlds cutest race car driver spent three fun-filled days with us, but couldn't wait to get home to his Mama and Dada, to make sure this usurper wasn't trying to take his place at the center of the universe -- just like his own mama did when her little brother was born. Ahhh, sibling rivalry!

We'll just have to keep reminding ourselves that only ten or fifteen short years later, Austin and Alexis somehow managed to magically morph into being the best of friends!