Friday, April 19, 2019


I guess we must admit it. Wimberley most certainly is not the sleepy little, off-the-beaten-track town it once was. We now have multiple traffic lights, and hoards of visitors come in from out of town on the weekends, causing the locals to stay at home and gripe about the traffic. We still love it, nonetheless. The hardest part for me is just keeping track of who owns what business, as they all seem to flip from one thing to another on a regular basis.  For instance, the coffee shop where the Muses and I try to meet each week had one owner the first eight years or so that we lived here, but has had at least another three or four just in the last two years!

Painting Muse Julie, After Returning From A Reunion Of Her Norwegian Relatives             
I'm most excited about it's newest iteration, Blanco Brew, since they have switched from the perfume-tasting-chai-lattes that I hate to a vanilla chai that I love! Plus, the new owner -- a personal chef in her previous life -- plans to add breakfast and lunch items to the menu at some point.

The other coffee place we frequented, Cactus Coffee, let go of the lease on her original shop in order to go into business with a local bakery, building a coffee shop on their lovely back terrace. Next thing we knew, that idea had been tabled and she had purchased a food truck instead! Like I said, sometimes it hard to keep up.

Closer to home, rumor has it that Agave, the Mexican place that never opened, is actually getting close to doing just that! Fingers crossed. Also, there's something going on at that little Chapel Home B&B, which we can see from our dining room window.

Where her little potager used to be, another structure was being built. At first we thought they were just adding more accommodations, and that they would be made to match the original old church that was hauled in and renovated. However, when the striped siding of reclaimed wood went up, we decided we'd better go take a closer look.

Now we're thinkin' Party Barn! 

Monday, April 15, 2019


You'd think it would be the women in the family who'd be going gaga over the news that our next grandchild will be female. You'd be wrong.

Last Friday Hubby and I had some time to kill before a movie, so I suggested going into Marshall's for a quick scan of the toy department, where I occasionally find good deals on Melissa & Doug or Green Toy products.  It didn't take but five minutes for me to see there was nothing I needed there. However, by the time I made it back to the front door, Papa John had already purchased these!

I have a feeling we're gonna need to keep a close eye on that boy!