Friday, April 12, 2019


 Is it Paris?

Nooooo....It's San Antonio!

We had a meet-up with our CPA there on Wednesday. Afterwards, we headed straight to Bakery Lorraine, at the Pearl Brewery Complex, to celebrate the fact that we didn't owe an arm and a leg in taxes this year! As if that weren't enough, they even threw in a free macaron, because one was a little smushed. Guess what? A smushed almond joy macaron tastes every bit as good as an unsmushed one! The dark chocolate-cassis one was pretty darn good too.

Hubby, of course, just couldn't resist the lemon-blueberry muffin. "All my favorite things in one bite!", he said.

Monday, April 8, 2019


Whenever one meets someone new here in our little town, the first thing out of their mouth is usually "So, where do you live?" When I tell them we are just across the road from that restaurant that never opened, they know exactly where I'm talking about. If you've been following this blog for very long, you probably do too.

When we bought this house in 2004, there were a couple of little adobe buildings just across the highway from us -- a house on the left and some kind of glasswork place that had shut down on the right, if I remember correctly. But then a few years later a rather interesting couple from California bought both of them. He had a background in the movie industry, maybe set design? They moved into the little house temporarily and he put those design skills to work, transforming the other building into something right out of an old western film, where his wife opened her long-dreamed-of antique shop. Then he set about building their dream home just down the road from us -- the most amazing house I'd ever seen. I chatted with her once or twice in the shop, and she told me of plans to open a cafe on one side of her antique shop, and maybe a garden center on the other, making it more of a "destination" spot. Alas, problems with their water and septic systems kept that dream from coming to life. The antique shop floundered and before long, both the shop and their home were up for sale.

A while later someone finally bought the property, then proceeded to cover up it's western facade and turn it right back into an adobe building! The rumor mill took flight. It was finally agreed upon that it was being turned into a Mexican restaurant, and we were ecstatic. However, a couple of years later, when it still hadn't opened, our enthusiasm had waned. Then, finally, a sign went up, and the restaurant was christened Agave. We thought surely, if they've given it a name, they must be about ready to open, right? Well, another several years and a plethora of rumors went by, mostly about problems with the septic system keeping it from being up to code. And, once again, there was a "for sale" sign out front.

That was a couple of years ago now, and I think everyone had pretty much given up on the place. But then, we spotted this out front!

And, once again, the rumor mill was a-flyin'! We now have the facts, since Hubby went over and talked to the young man in person. Apparently he bought the restaurant property, and a bit more next to it, and plans to open it as a Mexican restaurant just as soon as he addresses the septic issues. And, in the mean time, he has a food truck! Hubby brought a few of his tacos home for a taste test.

My Chicken Fajita Taco
Hubby's Borracho Taco - Steak Fajita Meat Smothered in Queso Flameado
Potato, Egg, Sausage & Cheese Breakfast Taco
Now open daily, 7-2, and they even have some waffles and croissants, if breakfast tacos aren't your thing.

Fingers crossed that this young man is the one who finally manages to conquer the evil septic monster, else this place may well become known as The House of Shattered Dreams.