Friday, April 5, 2019


Spring in the Hill Country is always this way. No matter how many vows I make to myself, not to let this precious time go by in a blur of activity, it happens every year. It just can't be avoided, I suppose, when you only have a few weeks out of the year, in spring and in fall,  that are really pleasant, and organizers try to fit a year's worth of activities into those two tiny windows. This past week has been a prime example. First there was our wildflower adventure to Willow City Loop, with stops in Lukenbach and Fredericksburg.

Then there was a dinner party at the home of our foodie friends, only this time it was their 14 year old daughter who was in charge!

The seafood theme was chosen because Miss Bella is working to raise funds for a fabulous marine biology camp she attends each year on Catalina Island, and a couple of these dishes were ones she learned to cook in one of her classes there last year.

The very next morning we were up early, headed to College Station to spend a couple of days with our besties, the Sanfords. Normally they would be heading here this time of year, but they have a beloved elderly pet who is not doing too well right now, so we decided to go to them. We can only go so long without a Lanford Adventure!

In case you can't tell, he's doing that rude gag-me motion, having gone to UT.
Then yesterday it was time for the annual Wimberley Wine Walk. This year they moved it from downtown Wimberley to the Blue Hole Park. After just a few tastes, I'm done, but I never get tired of the excellent people watching opportunities. I especially love the groups of friends who come dressed to match!

Huh? Now that I'm seeing this close up, I believe two of these people are new friends we just met at the seafood dinner!
And, in between all these festivities, there were trips to the dentist and hairdresser, time spent with my Muses and Little Goobs, and even a couple of baseball games!

Is it any wonder that we are hoping for a nice, dull week ahead?

Tuesday, April 2, 2019


Know what I think I love most about being a grandmother? It's the funny little surprises you sometimes find around the house, after the grandkids have been for a visit. On his last visit, our little Goober did tell me that his commuter train needed passengers, but all I remember is thinking "How does a 2 year old even know what passengers are?"

It wasn't until after he'd gone home, and I was trying to get the house back in order, that I discovered this.

Now, every time I walk through our living room, I find myself with a big ol' goofy grin on my face, remembering those pigs on a train.