Friday, March 15, 2019


To me, church is not a place to go and focus on all that is wrong in your life, or all the wrongs that you think others are doing, or all the people you don't trust just because they are different from you. It's a place to be reminded of all that is good in your life, and the many blessings you have been gifted with. And, what better place to do that, than here in the chapel at Old Glory Ranch, at one of their Sunday evening concerts?

This past Sunday the performer was one of our all-time-favorite local singer-songwriters, the infamous Shelley King, official State Musician of Texas!

I spent the whole evening thinking about how lucky we are, to have landed in a place like this, surrounded by so much beauty and talent and inspiration.

Welcome to my church.

Monday, March 11, 2019


Breakfast On The Balcony, Watching For "Aminals"
Remember all those fairy-related surprises and adventures I had planned for Calvin's 3-day stay here this past weekend? Well, didn't happen. Why? Because I failed to take into consideration the fact that he hadn't even been to Mimi-Papa's house in almost 3 months -- not since his poor mama started having around-the-clock morning sickness, thanks to Goober #2. Instead, we've been spending lots of time over there, trying to lend a hand. An unforeseen consequence of this is that all those toys he'd outgrown or become bored with -- the ones that were about to be relegated to the storage room until #2 is ready for them? Well, they were suddenly his long-lost very best friends whom he was over the moon to be reunited with!

Papa Builds The Very Best Train Tracks!
So, in between playing with all of those old toys, and outings to the Emily Ann Theater's grounds...

A Fairy Garden!
A Free Book To Select
Oh No! Papa's Lost In The Maze! Save Him Calvin!
Very Best Things? The Instruments!

His only disappointment? Not being able to get Papa to dance with him on the stage.
and the next day's adventure on the playground at St. Stephen's church and school, just down the road from us, well, there just wasn't much time for introducing anything new.

Operating The Bulldozer Is Serious Business!
A Bit Shocked When The Tunnel Started Rolling With Him In It
Tetherball, or The Art Of Not Getting Hit In The Face
I was pretty tickled, however, when at one point he donned his safari hat and vest of his own accord, grabbed my hand, and said "Come on Mimi. We have to go 'splore!" I made the most of that opportunity by pointing out all the gnomes and fairies Papa had scattered about the yard, and talking about them a bit.

Ah well, there's always next weekend to further my plans for Project Fairy Mailbox, when we will have him for another three days, while his Dada finishes up his work at SXSW.  If we can manage to regather our strength and energy by then...