Friday, March 1, 2019


Now that our Little Goobs has finally entered the magical world of make-believe, I decided it was time to add some inspiration out in the garden. We already have a few whimsical things scattered here and there...

but I think it's time to ratchet it up a notch. So, in the last few weeks I've been on the prowl! This is what I've found so far.

A Couple of Good Books About Magical Garden Sprites
A Giant Floor Puzzle Featuring Many Local Garden Critters (no bears here, just wild hogs)
His Very Own Mailbox To Mount Outside, In Which He Can Leave Notes and Surprises For the Fairies and Gnomes

And, while I was gathering all of these, Papa John has been gathering a few trinkets which the fairies and gnomes might leave for Calvin in return, as a thank you for his gifts!

It would be hard to say who's having more fun.

Monday, February 25, 2019


Our tiny dinner club had a double adventure this weekend. Well, actually, a triple. Dinner, usually the main feature, was the least of these three! 

We began our evening at a restaurant called Roaring Forks, which is attached to the InterContinental Hotel in downtown Austin. This time, however, we headed to the bar area where they do a daily happy hour featuring discounted menu items, including their infamous Big Ass Burger, and $2 off most beverages. It would probably have been perfect on any night but a Saturday - especially a Saturday when there was some kind of big event going on in the hotel next door, which was spilling into the bar, making it impossible to find a regular table for 6. We did manage to get two tall tables for three, right next to each other, but only the ladies got stools! Nonetheless, we do not regret the choice, for you'll never guess who we ran into as we were exiting through the lobby of the hotel. Willie Nelson as you've never seen him! He was dressed fit-to-kill in an elegant cashmere overcoat, with a lovely lady in a mink stole holding his elbow. Thank goodness he grew his braids back, or I might not have recognized him!

Heading Down 6th Street
The Famous Window At Esther's
The highlight of the evening was attending a performance at Esther's Follies, Austin's premier comedy club, where they make fun of all things Austin, and anyone currently in government, regardless of which side they're on. Obviously, they've had lots of material to work with of late.

The theater's name was inspired by Esther Williams, the famous swimming actress back in the 40's, hence the mermaid theme inside.

The famous window I mentioned above is the backdrop for the stage and looks out onto 6th street, where there's a constant stream of strollers, revelers, scooter-and segue-riders going by. Those that are in the know about Esther's often stop to peer in and participate in what's going on, becoming the very best part of the shenanigans!

Try it. You just might love it!

On the other hand, if you just can't abide naughty language or any criticism of our leaders, you just might get up and stomp out within 15 minutes, the way that one couple did...