Friday, July 5, 2019


This year was the year -- the one where we finally decided that our Little Goobs was old enough to take to Wimberley's annual 4th of July parade. Probably the most popular event of the year here in Wimberley, it draws quite the crowd -- and not just the locals, but lots of visiting friends and relatives as well. They close the streets off an hour before the parade begins, and you have to get there extra early if you want to nab a choice spot in the shade. But then, how do you entertain a three year old for more than an hour, while you wait for the parade to start? I surveyed all my friends on everything from where to park and what to bring, to the best viewing spots and exit strategies. I made a detailed plan of attack, and before we'd even left the house, my plan was blown to smithereens. Thank Goodness!

Our first stroke of good luck was that, for the first time in my memory, it wasn't hotter 'n Hades here in Texas on the 4th. In fact, it was almost COOL!

Because we were late leaving the house, the streets had already been blocked off before we got there -- even further out from the town center than we were expecting -- so it was a good hike from our parking spot to where we'd hoped to meet up with friends. About halfway there our little Calvin was done with walking! So we ended up stopping right in front of Blanco Brew, the coffee shop where the Muses and I usually meet up. Which wasn't a bad location, as it turns out. For one thing, it was much closer to the beginning point of the parade, so we wouldn't have to wait as long to see anything. I went inside to nab some iced tea, and when I came back out, I discovered this.

Now THIS is how you entertain a kid while waiting for the parade to start!

I don't know who the couple was who thought of putting this in the back of their truck, or whether they had grandkids nearby that they were doing it for, but we were ever so grateful that they invited Calvin to join in on the fun.

Plus, the Blanco Brew had restrooms, and tables set up outside selling lemonade, and cookies!

Then it was finally time for the parade to start...

Y'all Vote!

By the time he had seen the fire truck and his favorite instruments, trumpets and tubas, he was done, and ready to go back to Mimi-Papa's house to play with Uncle Austinootie and Aunt Areej, A.K.A. The Noonies. Which was fine with us, since it meant we were able to avoid the huge traffic snarl when everyone leaves the parking areas at once.

All in all, I don't think his day could have gone any better, regardless of blown plans and schedules. Which, come to think of it, is usually the case with us.

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