Wednesday, January 2, 2019


The weekend before Christmas, when I'd already completed all my shopping, the kids introduced us to the most amazing store -- one where, had I known sooner, I probably could have completed all my gift-buying in one fell swoop! Welcome to Kinokuniya.

Officially, it's a Japanese bookstore, but that doesn't begin to describe what all you will find here.

Yes, there are books -- everything from Manga to current bestsellers and children's books.

But, there are also all sorts of anime related videos, toys and collectibles (my hubby's, son's, daughter's, and now, grandson's addictions)...

an entire aisle of every kind of pen imaginable (my daughter-in-love's obsession)...

and row after row of all the things I love best, from specialty papers and journals to art supplies and washi tape!

Oh yeah, and then there are the magazines -- the ones you will never find on your grocery store's endcaps.

Yes, it's a bit of a trek from here, but believe me, this store alone was worth the drive. But wait, there's more! Just to the left of it is the delightful 99 Ranch Market grocery store, which, much to my surprise, has absolutely nothing to do with Texas beef.

And, as if that still wasn't enough? There's even one of those restaurants with a revolving sushi bar on the other side of the bookstore. Squeeeee!

We're saving that for next time.