Friday, November 2, 2018


I guess it's true. Some things never do change, as evidenced by this post I wrote about eight years ago! Same story, different names.


Thursday, November 1, 2018


Well, I've been up to my neck in paint and paper and gelli plates this past week, scrambling like crazy to get a sumptuous array of collage papers completed. It is not at all like me to work with such focus and determination. Then again, it's been a really long time since I had any sort of deadlines hanging over my head.

No, I haven't gone back to work! It's just that I'm bound and determined to finish up at least one or two more projects in that on-line class I've been taking my sweet time with since the first of October. There is no deadline for completion, but...

it's time to start packing for Lucky Star! My sister Kathy arrives here this Sunday, then on Wednesday she, daughter Lex and I will all head off to beautiful Hunt, Texas for five days of pure magic. And, I just know that, once we get back, I will be so obsessed with all the new stuff I learned there, I will forget all about these wonderful projects I've enjoyed so much, and the ones I've yet to explore. And that would just be so, so sad, don't you think?

Monday, October 29, 2018


This year we finally had an excuse to attend Wimberley's Boo!Hole Halloween Celebration at Blue Hole Park -- the perfect place to introduce a little kid to Halloween! 

They got a pretty good turnout but, because it is spread out and so kid-friendly, he never felt squished or overwhelmed.

The booths offered everything from a Creepy Critters Petting Zoo...

That's the Witch of Cypress Creek there in the background, a.k.a. Outdoor Woman.

to face-painting...

a maze...


and lots of great games and booths, handing out so many fun treats and prizes!

Books and candy are great, but nothing beats a tiny pumpkin that fits perfectly in your wee little hand!
Best thing of all, according to all the parents? Unlike Halloween, this event never falls on a school or work night!

Perfect Weather For Dinner On The Porch At The Leaning Pear
Does it get any better?