Friday, October 12, 2018


The next book in our year of reading dangerously was a tiny little book with a great big message -- Simplify Your Life. Looking at my life now, compared to the one I had when I first read it, I feel quite proud of all I accomplished over the years. Well, in all but one rather important area -- getting my hubby on board with the program. That boy sure does love his "stuff"! 

Wednesday, October 10, 2018


Well, it seems I may have fallen down yet another artsy wormhole -- one involving the gelli plate, a tool for making monoprints without a press. This particular wormhole was created by Lucy Brydon, an artist whose work I have long admired from afar. She and several other talented artists are teaching a class on-line about their favorite ways to make art using a gelli plate, as well as different ways to use up all those stacks of prints you inevitably end up with.

The first lesson, from Lucy herself, had me outside gathering all kinds of plant matter from my yard, pressing it between the pages of my giant old dictionary...

then using it to create layer upon layer of see-through texture and color, making both negative prints...

and positive prints.

Our favorite print will then be turned into a finished piece of art by adding a focal point of some sort and by inking in a few fun details. I'm still trying to decide where to go with mine.

The rest will be used in other projects yet to be discovered.  Well, if I ever make it as far as the next lesson. Right now I feel compelled to try the first one over again a few more times, in order to try out all the other ideas that keep popping into my head. Thank goodness you usually get access to these on-line classes for at least a year. At the rate I'm going, it may well take me that long to complete it!

Monday, October 8, 2018


Friday is Date Day for Hubby and me. That usually means lunch and a movie in Kyle or San Marcos, the two nearest theater locations. Lately, however, we seem to be having more and more trouble finding movies we both want to see. I guess we are no longer of an age to be included in movie-makers' target audiences. Kind of funny, though, when you consider that we now have more leisure time and money to spend than we ever did before! Anywho, Friday before last was one of those days, so Hubby decided to plan a mystery adventure in old east Austin -- one of the last bastions of Austin's former funkiness. Our adventure began here, at a Chinese bar/restaurant called Old Thousand. The food was okay, but the decor was way fun!

Coming out of the restaurant was kind of depressing, however. If you looked to the left you could see wonderful remnants of Old Austin...

but glance to your right, towards the highway, and you see nothing but the march of massive condo developments, eating up everything in their path.

Our next stop was a tiny little gallery called Link & Pin, with a really big-to-me art show going on -- one called Heroines + Warriors + Goddesses, featuring the work of three artists, Helen Rose Buck, Rhea Pettit, and Neena Buxoni.

Hubby loved it too -- especially the portraits of Pink and Ann Richards, two of his idols!
Unfortunately, the show ended the very next day, so I'm afraid y'all missed it. I know my Muses would have LOVED it!

The H.E. Building, Where Most Of My UT Classes Took Place
The Dorm Where I Lived My First Two Years In College

The rest of the date was spent wandering around the UT campus, including my old dorm, where we met and fell in love while both working part-time in the dorm's cafeteria. There were also trips to the Student Union and the University Co-Op, which has a super great art supply addition now.

It was a very good date day!