Friday, September 14, 2018


Next up in our year of reading dangerously? Simple Abundance, by Sarah Ban Breathnach. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 13, 2018


Well, I finally finished my second "folk art fusion" project using techniques learned in a book by the same name. This time, however, I started with one of my own sketches, instead of one from the book.

I was so tickled with how it turned out, I was ready to jump right in and start another one. But then I remembered my "no sew" travel journal from our Marfa/Marathon trip, and decided I really ought to get back to that, before the memories fade.

The thought of fading memories reminded me of my baby Calvin journal, started  in 2/17, and still with only one spread in it!

At this rate, the kid will be headed off to college before I ever complete it!

But, then I remembered that I still haven't even started the cigar box journal I had in mind for our Cuba trip. I went over to my art shelves to grab the cigar box. Only, it wasn't there. Then I checked in the closet, and the cedar chest, and every other place I could think of. Still no cigar box. Finally I decided that my only course of action was to totally rework all of my shelves, drawers and closets. Which will probably take all week, if not longer.

So, now you know why, out of all the art journals on my shelf, the only one that ever got completed was my circle journal -- the one where I did the first few spreads in it, then I passed it around a circle of friends, all around the country. When it finally made its way back to me, it was full of wonderful art! Just not mine. Some of mine is now in each of their journals. I really miss it.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018


It may remain in the sun-scorched 90s throughout most of September, here where we live, but we in the south still do what we can to eke out some semblance of autumn.

Fortunately, we were blessed with a few inches of rain this week, which led to several marvelously misty mornings in a row.

Now if I crank up the AC a wee bit, then brew myself a cup of that fragrant cinnamon tea, I think I just might have autumn in the bag!


Monday, September 10, 2018



Ack! The Caterpillar Got Me!
Sometimes A Cowboy Just Feels The Need...
To Take All The Shoes Out Of The Closet...
And Move Them Across The Room.
Move Shoes Mimi? Sure, why not?