Friday, August 3, 2018


Click the link below to read about our first Christmas here at Seasonality.


Wednesday, August 1, 2018


When we heard there was to be a postcard-signing event, encouraging people to get out and vote for Beto in the upcoming election, and that it was to be held at Wimberley's newest wine and beer garden, The Shady Llama, the Muses all agreed. We simply had to participate, and we'd bring our hubbies too! 

They asked that we bring some postcard stamps with us to the event, and one Muse who knew she wouldn't be able to make it gave me about a hundred of her old ones, then I went out and bought a bunch more to top them up to the current rate, and added in all my old regular mail stamps as well.

When we arrived on Friday evening, we looked all around, but didn't see any large groups of people who looked like they were set up to work. So we went up to the bartender to ask her where they would be seated.

She looked at us kinda funny, then said "That Beto group? The one that was here last night?" DOH! 

So there we sat, with a purse full of stamps, and nothing to put them on. At least, she told us, they had a really good turn out. On Thursday. Ah well. When life hands you lemons...

Comfy Chairs Situated For Sunset Viewing
The Fire Pit
Not A Sandbox, A Gravel Box
The Swinging Bridge
Various food trucks park here on a rotating basis.

And yes, they do have llamas here! Unfortunately, by the time I got around to taking some photos, they must have headed back to the barn for the night. This is such a great, family-friendly place, I'm sure we will be bringing the kids and Little Goobster here before long. Maybe when it's just a tad cooler .

Fortunately for me, one of the Muses had picked up an extra pile of Beto postcards to take home with her, and we were able to crank them out and use up all those stamps at our weekly coffee meet-up yesterday!

P.S. Here's a funny factoid. When I decided on the title for this post, I looked up the word snafu, to make sure I was using it correctly. Did you know it's actually a military acronym which stands for "situation normal, all effed up"? How appropriate!

Monday, July 30, 2018


Sometime last week, and I know not why, this amazing little book popped up in my Facebook feed.

OK, perhaps I do know why. You see, I have always adored color-mad folk art. In fact, some years back, when friend High School Debbie first introduced me to on-line art classes, I went straight out and bought a big new mixed media journal which I promised myself would be filled with just that kind of art someday. I tore out and printed up lots of examples of what I hoped to do but, due to lack of skills, supplies and experience, my first two attempts failed miserably, and I haven't touched that journal since.

Round One

So, when I saw this tiny little project-based instruction book, I didn't even pause to think about it. I just went straight to the Amazon link and clicked "BUY"! Two days later, thanks to Amazon Prime, it was in my mailbox, and I've been busy as a little bee ever since. There are 16 different projects inspired by different cultures and countries. Each starts with a basic line sketch for you to copy, then gives you help on choosing your color palette, suggestions concerning which supplies to use and, finally,  ideas on how to add the finishing touches.

I started with Frida, of course.

I chose to do two of the same sketches, side by side, because I wanted to try one their way...

finishing it off with lots of fun patterns and doodling, using various pens and markers.

But, for the second one, I think I'm going to try finishing it off with little bits and pieces from my hand-painted paper stash. We'll see how it goes. Or maybe you won't. Guess it depends on the outcome.

Oh yeah! Back to synchronicity. When I pulled that old journal down, to finally start working in it again, I discovered this stash of beloved examples which I had pulled from various magazines or found online.

See the one peeking out over there on the far right? The one that's been hidden away on my shelf for years and years now? You'll never guess who painted it.

Heather Galler! The very same woman who wrote this book!

Well, I guess it's true. Sometimes the door opens before you're ready to walk through it. Which is why I am ever so grateful that I was given a second chance.