Thursday, June 21, 2018


Well, I guess it's been a while since I posted anything about my favorite grandson, what with the computer being down and all. Here's what's been happening since he turned into an official two-year-old toddler:

Trying Out The New Pool He Got From Grandma Holly and Grandpa Sandy

Attending Grand Opening of Figment Creative Labs, Where He Loves To Go To Their Mommy & Me Sessions
Playing With Trucks In A Giant Truck Tire At Figment

Meeting His Adventure Buddy Will, At His First Sleepover With Mimi and Papa
Calvin's And Will's New Coat Rack, Right Next To Papa's

Calvin finds it's kind of nice to have a special buddy to hang out with, when you're away from home.
Two favorite new things? Having messy tea parties on the porch...

and digging for treasure in the treasure chest!

Next time the treasure chest will have less coins and plastic jewels buried in the sand, and more rocks. Calvin loves rocks, and our Ace Hardware just happens to have a nice little selection of colorful, sparkly, and veined ones for only $1.49 each. We may even bury some dinosaurs! If only adults could be sent over the moon so easily.

Monday, June 18, 2018


Whenever Hubby and I get together with our BFFs Paula and Tim, it's usually just for about 24 hours. However, we always manage to pack a whole lot of fun into that short period of time. More often than not they come here to the Hill Country, since there is so much to do and so many little towns to explore. Last week, however, we went to see them in College Station, because there was something pret-ty special going on -- The Brazos Valley Bombers! The Bombers are a collegiate summer baseball team based in Bryan, and their son Chase, who is head baseball coach at Rudder High, got invited to be one of the Bomber coaches this summer, which is a pretty big deal!

Like his dad Tim, who coached every t-ball, softball and soccer team Chase was ever on, and now coaches his grandson's teams, Chase has a dual focus. He doesn't just turn his kids into good ball-players. He turns them into good people, and we couldn't be more proud of him!

In addition to baseball, we managed to squeeze in some shopping, lots of good eating...

Brunch At Casa Rod
and, as always, lots of good yakking!

Taking Advantage of Grandson Wyatt's Pool
'Cause, if there's one thing we've all become really good at over these 40 some odd years of best friendship, it's making the most of whatever bit of time we have!