Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Calvin Helps Decorate
Or will be, in just a few days. Remember that decadent dulce de leche/Mexican chocolate/sugar skull cookie creation I told you about a while back, made by Lex's friend at Cake Monster?  Well, we all were jonesin' for another of Stephanie's amazing cakes, but she has a wedding to bake for next weekend. So, of course, we did the only logical thing. We moved Calvin's birthday up a week!

Stars and Moons, Two of His Favorite Things
Uncle Nootie
Where are the prezzies?
A Swimming Pool!
And A Water Table!
Not being familiar with either of those things, he calls them both "bathtubs".

Time To Cut That Cake!
It's On Fire!
Me Help...Eat All Those Cookies.
Nom, Nom, Nom...
And then, he's right back outside -- his favorite place to be -- wondering why no one has his other bathtub set up yet?

 Happy Happy Birthday Little Man! You're the best present your parents ever got!

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