Monday, April 30, 2018


Churro Waffles
It began with a Saturday morning meetup with all the kiddos, at The Funkadelic Brunch in the Sunset Valley area of Austin. The Funkadelic may look like a "fast food" joint when you enter, but believe me, it's not. It serves locally sourced, made from scratch comfort brunch cuisine from all around the world, so be prepared for a bit of a wait, and tables that are packed with people. Been longing to try Ebleskiver? Here's your chance!

The next day Hubby and I enticed son-in-law Nate's folks, who recently moved back to Austin, to come down our way for lunch and an afternoon of browsing the Wimberley Arts Fest, where we ran into our favorite funky friends, Fiber Woman and her Glass-Blowing Hubby.

The Muses may have to re-christen Fiber Woman, as she seems to have found a new passion -- making gorgeous enameled jewelry!

When we first started going to these art fests, they were held down in the center of town and you had to be shuttled there from an offsite parking area. Same was true when they outgrew that space and moved to the parking area of the Blue Hole Park. Both were hotter 'n hades when the sun was out. When the event outgrew that space as well, they moved it to Rio Bonito at Waters Point -- a lovely private resort and event center which got wiped out in the epic Memorial Day Flood, but which is finally back in business and the absolutely perfect spot for this event, with plenty of on-site parking and gobs of blessed shade!

The Music Tent

Baby Trees
The only thing missing? The thick rows of massive, several-hundred-year-old Cypress trees that used to line the banks of this river.

It still hurts to look at it, and remember.

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