Saturday, August 26, 2017


One of the things we loved most about this house when we first went through it was the guest bath downstairs, with its antique dresser-turned-sink and this ginormous claw-footed tub.

We had never had a tub that was all that great for soaking in, and couldn't wait to fill this one up!

Then we discovered just how long it took to fill that sucker up, and how much water it used. And, then we went through an extended drought period here in the Hill Country, and installed our rain water catchment system, and started having to guard every precious drop in it! I don't think I've been it that tub since.

But, this week? This week of Harvey-induced wind and rain and tornadoes and flooding? This week we're taking bubble baths!

At least, until our power goes off and our water pump quits working.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Have I ever mentioned just how much I love our little library? I love everything about it, from it's warm, cozy atmosphere to the great selection of books they have, the ever-helpful staff and volunteers, and their wonderful children's programs for infants through teens. On top of all that there's the never-ending lineup of special events going on there, from favorite authors (Susan Wittig Albert) coming to speak, to documentary film nights, cooking demos and fun things like yesterday's Eclipse-Viewing Celebration, where they passed out over 200 pairs of protective sun-gazing glasses, and who-knows-how-many Moon Pies, Mars Bars and Starburst candies!

Pre-Event Fortification at Mima's, Our Favorite Taco Joint
Gathering In Field Next To The Library

Trying out Lexi's Pin Hole Viewer

Did you know about the colander trick? I didn't! If you hold a colander with round holes over a piece of white paper during a solar eclipse, all the holes in it will appear to be moon-shaped!

The only bad part was Calvin having a hissy fit because he didn't want to leave!

Monday, August 21, 2017


Miss Alexis must've known we were pining away for our grandbaby while gone. She brought him by for a visit the first day we were home, to hold us over until our usual Thursday meet-up in Austin.

And we thought Goober would be the messy one at lunch!
Mama's Shoes
That Face
Then, on Saturday, we got to hang out with the whole gang! Son Austin was just in town for the weekend as he still has one week to go in his month-long training stint in California, for his new job at Apple. Meanwhile, his wife Areej is starting her first week of nursing school. Between her hours in class, her mandatory hours at one hospital, and her volunteer hours at another, their poor puppy Guinness was in for some long, lonely days this week, not to mention a whole lotta stress on her poor bladder! They decided a little vacay with Mima and Papa John might be in order, and we were happy to oblige. And, since Miss Areej's birthday was just a few days away, we decided to combine the doggy trade-off with a big celebration at Trattoria Lisina, with all the kiddles.

He's using sign language to tell her "More bread!"
Hat Swap
 It was a very good week.