Sunday, August 6, 2017


We saw Little Goober for our weekly visit on Thursday, but then the kids came over to give us extra time with him yesterday, knowing we were about to head off to visit Hubby's family in Ohio for a whole week. Soon as I heard they were coming, I did my usual thing. First I scurried about, making sure all the safety locks and plugs were in place. Then came my favorite part -- setting up play stations. Squee! We were fortunate enough to have had at least three-years-worth of toys passed down to us from our BFF's grandson, but I would never put all of them out at once. It would be way too overwhelming for Goobs. Instead I choose just four things, and rotate them out each time he comes.

Usually there is a book-related toy such as the truck above, or this...

or this.

Second would be a push or pull toy, such as this vacuum cleaner, or the old fashioned Fisher Price telephone, which he adores dragging around, even though he has no clue what it is.

Third would be a riding toy, such as this...

or this...

Last but not least would be something for imaginative play, such as this awesome little kitchen set that fits perfectly on the little pop-up shelf in my kitchen.

Regardless of what play stations I set up, however, I can guarantee these four things will happen, each time he comes over:

First, as soon as they set him down on the floor, he will run right past all of these wonderful toys, and head straight to that bottom shelf in the kitchen, where he will grab that old water bottle that I put a handful of lentils in, and that little orange Weeble person, who also makes a little rattling sound. And he will lug them around with him the entire visit, occasionally setting them down for just a few minutes to play with something else, but then picking them right back up again. Go figure.

Second, despite my only setting out those four little things, within ten or fifteen minutes of his arrival, the house will look as if a tornado has swept through it!

Third, ten or fifteen minutes after his departure, I will have collapsed on the sofa, totally wiped out.

Fourth? Well, ten or fifteen minutes after that, I will already be missing him, and counting the days until I see him next.

Why yes, that is a diaper on his head.