Friday, June 30, 2017


Way, way back in February, the hubster and I stopped into Rooms To Go on a whim. We were looking for some kind of grandchild-friendly ottoman-like thingy to replace our not-so-friendly glass-topped coffee table. Instead we spotted those awesome red leather chairs, and both fell madly in love with them -- something which has rarely ever happened in our forty two years of marriage! So, of course, we had to take action.

Unfortunately, the name "Rooms To Go" is a bit of a misnomer, as they don't actually allow you to take anything "to go"! That huge building at the Austin location is simply a showroom, with no warehouse space at all. Everything must be ordered, then shipped from Florida, which can take several weeks. As you can imagine, we were jumping for joy when we finally saw that truck turning into our neighborhood, and ran down the hill to meet them (and warn them that they probably didn't want to drive their big ol' truck up our crazy driveway). Before we could open our mouths, the driver started apologizing. He said our chairs were loaded first, since we were at the end of the line, with lots of big heavy stuff shoved in after them. Whoever loaded it all must not have done a very good job because something fell against one of the chairs and scratched it all up. However, he assured us, he had already taken pictures and submitted a report, and they would be sending us a replacement right away. Meanwhile, he would leave both chairs with us, so we'd both have somewhere to sit until the new one arrived.

A few days later we got a call from their headquarters, asking us lots of questions about the incident. One question was "Are any of the scratches deep enough to show the bare wood underneath?" "Oh yeah!"

A few weeks later we got another call, informing us that they were sending someone out to "repair" the chair. "What? I was told you would replace it!" "Oh no. We have experts who can make it look good as new again, right there on the premises." Harrumph.

Several more weeks go by, then we finally get a call from the repairman saying he's on his way. He takes one look at the chair, then says "I can't fix that! They'll have to send you a new chair." Some time later we get a call from headquarters saying "OK, we are going to send you a new chair. Unfortunately, that model is on back-order right now, and won't be available until June."

So we wait. And we wait. And we wait some more. At last we got word that the chair was to arrive this past Friday. We waited around the house all afternoon. No truck. Sometime after dinner we got a call from the driver. "Hey man, I hate to tell you this, but your chair was back behind everything else in the truck, and somebody must've done a lousy job loading it all, 'cause now your chair has a big ol' dent in the side of it. You still want me to deliver it?" "NO! Don't even bother. We've already got one like that, thank you very much!"

Wednesday, June 28, 2017


We've got a couple of new-ish eating establishments here in our little town. I say "-ish" because they've actually been here several months, but we just now got around to trying them. They are something you hear about more and more in larger cities, but still a bit of an oddity in a town this size -- Food Trucks!

One is called Phò-Lisha's, and their specialty is the Phorritto -- a concoction owner Alisha dreamed up, where she takes the solid ingredients you would find in a bowl of the Vietnamese soup Phò, wraps them in a flour tortilla, and then gives you a little cup of the soup broth to dip them in.

Those are always on the menu, but then she usually has a curry dish as well, plus a rotating lineup of Cajun dishes.

Her next-door neighbor is the Creekside Cookers BBQ truck.

Hubby and I decided the best plan of attack was to divide and conquer, so I ordered a phorritto...

while he stood in line for some BBQ...

then we swapped bites.

I have to say, it was all pret-ty darn yummy!

Monday, June 26, 2017


I've just got waaaay too much to read right now, which means there's not much else getting done around here!

I just finished reading Rich People Problems by Kevin Kwan -- the third book in his Crazy Rich Asians series -- which I just loved since it takes place in all the wonderful places we used to visit when we live in Indonesia. On the other hand, it made me kind of sad too, as it talks a lot about Singapore and how all the wonderful old shops and neighborhoods that I loved most have been torn down and replaced by skyscrapers. Just like they've been doing here in Austin, come to think of it. It's probably just as well that we never made it back to Singapore in recent years, as I would've just ended up in a major funk if everything I adored about it had disappeared. Still, the books are great.

I'm also reading The Year of Living Danishly, by Helen Russell, which I knew I had to read as soon as I saw a blurb about it in the new e-magazine Simplify. I made sure I bought my own copy, instead of getting it from the library, since I had a feeling I'd be going to town with my hi-liter on this one -- and I was right! If you've ever wondered why Denmark keeps getting voted "The Happiest Nation In The World", this is the book for you!

Then there is the audio book I'm listening to in the car -- an intriguing mystery called Celine, by Peter Heller.

On top of all that, I believe I mentioned that I had pulled out my trusty old copy of The Artist's Way, wanting to give my creative drive a kick in the arse. Unfortunately, that sort of fell by the wayside when a bozo friend (Susan Foster Khoury, I blame you!) saw my post about about all those old journals and agendas -- starting in 1970 when I was just 16 -- that I'd finally made up my mind to get rid of. She insisted that I just had to read my way through them one more time before tossing them out. Talk about falling through a wormhole!

Three have made it to the recycle bin...

only forty-odd more to go!

Obviously, there simply aren't enough hours in the day to support my reading habits, yet alone my art, food, friends and family habits! Good thing I've never required much sleep.

So tell me, what delicious books should I add to my never-ending TBR list?