Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Elles sont arrivées!

You could hear that big ol' truck coming from a mile away, but then it just sat at the bottom of the hill for the longest time. Next thing we knew, there were two guys hiking up our driveway, each carrying a red chair atop his head. Guess they had their doubts about making it up our twisty driveway in their truck, or being able to turn it around once they got there. Wise choice. Luckily, Hubby was able to meet them in our pickup before they got to the steepest part.

We'll be playing around with different arrangements for awhile, before we decide where the TV needs to end up, and rearrange everything on the wall.

Unfortunately, the pair of square leather storage ottomans we want to replace the glass coffee table with are out of stock, and won't be back until June.

John was downstairs framing pictures most of the evening, while I was upstairs arranging stuff and changing out sofa covers. I was back in the bedroom when he returned and I heard him holler "Who's house did I walk into? Must be some really fun, hip people living here!"

Gotta love 'im.

Did I mention how comfy they are?

Monday, March 6, 2017


I'm pretty sure little Calvin likes our new color-mad carpet...

although he did get a tad frustrated when he wasn't able to pick up any of the "balls".

I had a great time playing with him while Mom and Dad had a date night here in Wimberley. He was a happy, happy camper until about 8:45, when he abruptly hit that famous brick wall. Suddenly he was inconsolable, and nothing but his mommy and daddy and his own bed at home was going to appease him. We took turns pacing the floor with him until Hubby decided to see if he could find something on TV to distract him from his woes. The first thing that popped up was The Hobbit.

We never heard another peep out of him, and his eyes stayed glued to that screen until Mom and Dad showed up.

Looks like the Normal-to-Geek ratio in this family has tipped even further out of balance, and now stands at 1: 6 (sigh).