Friday, August 18, 2017


On our final afternoon in Ohio we met back up with the kids and grandkid in Cincinnati, to do a bit of time-traveling.  It was 1940s Day at Lunken Airport, and that meant warbirds and vintage cars on display, big bands and swing dancing, performances by groups like The Sugar Pills and The Dirty Shirleys, a plane show, and even a costume contest! How could we resist?

What a "swell" time!

Nephew Geoff and Cal-L
We followed that up with dinner at Eli's BBQ, which was even sweller!

I just ordered a hot dog, since I wasn't all that hungry. What I got was this...

two smoked all-beef franks, flash fried and bunned with sauce, cole slaw and pork crispins. I took one bite, let out a big ol' moan, then passed the spare down the table so everyone else could see what I was moaning about.  A minute later I was kinda sorry I did. Who knows when I'll get another one?

P.S. Dear Eli, have you thought about opening a branch here in Texas? I think you'd do really well here!



texascinzia said...

Sounds like a really fun time! The best kind of travel....time travel. Bet we could put our heads together and recreate that special hot dog!

Hill Country Hippie said...

Probably so, but maybe it's best if I can't have them any time I feel like it!