Monday, August 14, 2017


We flew up to Ohio last week to visit Hubby's brother and sister-in-law. Since Pris had just finished up her chemo treatments six weeks before, I figured it would be a very low key, sit around the house and visit kind of week. Ha! I should have known Miss Priscilla would never let something as silly as cancer keep her from being out and about amongst her peeps!

On the first day alone we met one of her friends for lunch at Triple Moon Cafe in downtown Middletown, explored some of the shops and The Pendleton Art Center, dropped that friend off, then headed off to meet up with her line-dancing class (which she kept up with throughout her chemo treatments, having scheduled them to fall on her "good days"). By the time we were done with that, the guys were waiting outside to whisk us off to Cincinnati.

First stop was this place. I knew I'd love it before I even stepped through the door!

And I did!

Unlike his little brother, Mr. Mike is not much of a shopper.

John noticed me eyeballing some serving trays and had one up at the counter and paid for before I had a chance to change my mind! I'm pretty glad he did.

It fit in quite nicely here at home, don't you think?

Best of all? At the back of the shop is a little cafe, where they serve freshly-baked croissants! You can step outside that door above and enjoy them in the garden if you wish.

We took a few home for breakfast the next day.

Once we were done there we headed off to meet up with the kids and grandkid. They live in a wonderful section of town where you can walk to all sorts of shops and restaurants and parks -- perfect for young families. We ate at a great little place called Dutch's, which specializes in artisanal wine, beer and food. Then we moseyed across the street to let Cal-L play in this lovely little park. (Yes, we both have grandsons named Calvin, so we have to call them Cal-L. and Cal-S. I'm thinkin' they may not be the only ones, thanks to all the young daddies who grew up loving Calvin and Hobbes!)

Brother Michael and Little John
Priscilla, daughter Megan, and Sweetie Dave
Nephew Geoff, wife Jessica, and Calvin-the-First
Then it was back to Middletown.

And, this wasn't even one of our more exhausting days!

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Anonymous said...

Glad your SIL has such amazing stamina despite chemo, right attitude. Cute place! xox