Monday, July 3, 2017


Got an unexpected call from my daughter yesterday. We already had plans for a meet-up at their house to celebrate The Fourth, but they had a nice long 4-day weekend to fill, and were thinkin' about coming down to hang in Wimberley for a bit. Did we mind? What a silly question!

We ended up meeting them at Hays City Store for brunch, and just had the best time.  We normally don't sit outside this time of year, what with all the mosquitoes and temps hovering just below 100. However, with their huge oak trees for shade, and fans all around us, it was actually quite pleasant -- and much less crowded and noisy than the inside!

We're at the lemon-loving stage.

The boys like sitting in front of that big fan and letting their hairs blow back.
Two packages arrived at our house earlier this week -- things I couldn't resist ordering for our little Goobs, even though he won't be old enough to play with them for another year or two. One package held a little tool box made by Green Toys, along with a couple of tool-themed books to go with it.

The next day his "explorer" outfit came, complete with pith helmet, binoculars, bug net, magnifying glass, and a vest with lots of pockets and clasps -- much like the one Papa John used to wear to carry all his camera lenses in, and still has. They can be twins!

Both orders were meant to tie in with with the "Builder" and "Explorer" outfits that I got for his Wonder Crew Doll a while back, and I was probably more excited about their arrival than if I had ordered a magnificent piece of jewelry or a boxful of art supplies for myself. No, not probably. Definitely!

I have to remind myself constantly not to rush through any part of this experience, but it's so hard not to, when he just gets to be more and more fun every single day!

Alas, he still has a ways to go before he's ready for this level of imaginative play. He is, however, entering the mimicking stage, and has started picking up a variety of items, holding them to his ear, and babbling away as if he were talking on the phone. It came as quite a shock to my daughter, when she realized what he was doing, since she takes great pride in not being a phone addict, like most of her generation.

What can I say? Monkey see, monkey do.

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