Thursday, July 6, 2017


This year's July 4th hoop-de-doo was probably one of our calmest ever. We actually celebrated with our kids the day before, and we didn't dare go into town the day of, since they close the roads off at 9:00 AM for the big parade, which doesn't start until 10, and the crowds don't dissipate until after lunch. We didn't think our little Calvin was old enough, or had patience enough, to stand around in the blazing heat for the mandatory hour, waiting for the parade to begin, let alone last through the parade and the log jam afterwards, when everyone wants to leave at once. So, I admit, it made me a wee bit jealous when my BFF Paula posted pictures of their annual celebration with their grandson.

Little Wyatt, Back in the Day
They've lived in the same subdivision in College Station, with quarter acre lots and no curbs, since their own son Chase was a toddler. When they moved there it was on the edge of town and felt like being out in the country, but now they've been absorbed and surrounded by the ever-growing city. Paula doesn't remember exactly when it happened, but some years back a few grandmas got together and decided to organize a more kid-friendly way to celebrate the Fourth with their little ones. They organized an annual parade for their subdivision, which all the kids and grandkids could actually participate in, instead of watching from afar.

Pawpaw Tim and dad Chase, who is the baseball coach at Rudder, hence the shirts.
They raise the flag and say the pledge, then ride around the big triangle at the entrance to the neighborhood in/on their home-decorated conveyance of choice. Then everyone has cookies and the kids get to explore actual fire trucks and police cars, which is a pretty big deal!

Not-So-Little Wyatt This Year, His 5th
They're all hoping he has another year or two to go, before he decides he's too big for all this fun!

Too bad our tiny neighborhood sits on a steep hill with only one main road. The ride down would be great... 'til you hit that curve and land in the creek.

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