Monday, June 5, 2017


Well, we had yet another funtastic mini-adventure with our BFFs this week. They drove here early Thursday morning, and by 10 or 10:30 we had loaded our stuff into their Highlander and were headed towards Fredericksburg. We stopped in Hye to have lunch at the Hye Market cafe that I told you about not long ago, and they were blown away by the explosion of vineyards and wineries in that area, since last they were there.

As soon as we hit Fredericksburg we checked into the Fredericksburg Inn and Suites and took a gander around. We usually just go for the day since it's so close to Wimberley, and, before we moved here, we always stayed in B&B's or with friends who live in the area. However, Outdoor Woman had stayed at this inn just recently and really liked it, so we decided to give it a try. So glad we did!

For one thing, it was only one block off of Main Street, where all the shops and restaurants are, so we never needed our car at all. Second, though the rooms were spacious, clean and modern, with the special discount they were offering at the time, it was one of the least expensive places we've stayed at in ages. Third, there was the gorgeous property it sat upon, complete with lovely pools, hot tub, patios, and fire pits for us to enjoy -- and believe me, we did!

Our Men, Heading Off To Find Some Mischief
Best of all, though, was the fact that it was right across that bridge from the Twisted Sisters Bakery...

which was right next door to the lovely Jack's 1742  tea parlor, serving my favorite Harney and Sons teas, and delicious French macarons...

which was right next door to a great little cigar shop...

which made our hubbies so very, very happy!

We really lucked out with the weather, too -- no rain, but a nice cloud cover and highs in the 80's, which is unusually moderate for central Texas this time of year. Still, we hadn't covered but half of Main Street before the gorgeous swimming pool back at our hotel started calling our names. Is there a better way to while away a hot afternoon than floatin' and chattin' with your bestest buddies?

Once we were cleaned up again, we headed out to dinner at Otto's German Bistro (also in walking distance), a newish place that's been generating a good bit of buzz. You'll never guess who we ran into while there? The chef and another fellow from Hye Market, where we had lunch! We took that as a very good sign. If you go, be sure to order the Flammkuchen appetizer -- a crispy thin flatbread topped with crème fraiche, gorgonzola, kale, caramelized onions, seasonal greens, bacon lardons, and sherry gastrique.

Not very German, I know, but oh my my, was it ever tasty. Our fellas thought the Wurst Plate was the best, especially when topped with their house-made mustard!

Next we wandered back to a neat bar in a historic building on Main, which the guys had spotted earlier in the day.

Unfortunately, I didn't catch the name, but if you glance through the windows, it should be easy enough to spot.

The little hidden courtyard out back, with the awesome mosaic furniture, was the perfect place to enjoy a glass of wine (or soda).

Then, what better way to end the day than gathered around one of the fire pits back at our hotel, sipping hot tea or smoking a cigar, while enjoying the fireflies and the company of lifelong friends?

(to be continued)

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