Monday, May 29, 2017


Back in WWII, people put a star in their window for each member of their family who was off fighting overseas. My Mimi and Grandad had four in their window -- one for each of their three sons, and one for their son-in-law, my dad. So, at this time each year, I am always overcome with gratitude that all four of those "stars" came home alive, if not unscathed. 

The kiddos were all here yesterday -- a bit of a miracle these days, with all the work travel son Austin has to do. I like to leave little surprises out for Calvin to discover when he comes over, mostly pulled from the fantastic stash that BFF Paula passed on to me. I especially like hiding stuff in that little tote bag you see below, which we pulled out to distract him from emptying out mom's diaper bag over and over. Now it's the first thing he heads for when he walks in the door.

We celebrated Memorial Day early, at our favorite family hangout -- Hays City Store.

It's a dog's life.
Someone has new twins!

Calvin really, really loves earrings. Thankfully, he no longer yanks on them. He just examines them. Uncle Austin really, really loves tickling the back of his neck, to make him shiver.
My constant prayer these days? May we never have stars posted on our own windows.

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