Monday, April 17, 2017


Love Lexi's new summer 'do, and this lovely park in Cedar Park.
Hope everyone had a marvelous weekend filled with good food, fun, friends and family. We combined our Easter celebration with the special 10th birthday celebration of our first grandchild, Miss Guinness.

She has been our son's best buddy since he was in college, and is such an alpha-dog and so possessive of him that we were all somewhat shocked when she allowed him to bring home a wife!

Guinness had her own special cupcake from a doggie bakery.
Of course, the other kids and grandkids were there to celebrate with us -- all except for Miss Izzy, due to that alpha-dog thing.

Beards On A Windy Day

Little Calvin says "I don't do hats!"

He is, however, quite tickled with his first pair of real shoes.

The celebration was held at Brushy Creek Lake Park, in far north Austin. We feasted on gourmet sandwiches (mine was the Knuckle Sandwich) and the most amazing slaw and roasted Brussels sprouts from Noble Pig and, of course, cupcakes from The Sugar Shack, right here in Wimberley.

Does it get any better?


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